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Passive Capture Course

Eko Wild Passiewe Wildvangkursus

Eko Wild Passive Game Capture Training Course

Arriveer Dinsdag aand, kursus begin Woensdag oggend om 09:00 en eindig Saterdag vroegmiddag.

Groot klem word gelê op praktiese ondervinding

Arriving in Thabazimbi on the Tuesday evening, starting the course on Wednesday morning at 09:00 and finishing on Saturday early afternoon.

There is ample opportunity for practical experience


1. Oorsig van die Suid-Afrikaanse wildbedryf

2. Doel van passiewe wildvang

3. Beginsels van passiewe wildvang

4. Vangkraal tipes

5. Probleme en uitdagings met passiewe wildvang

6. Middels gebruik tydens passiewe wildvang en aanhouding van wild

7. Tegnologiese hulpmiddels vir passiewe wildvang

8. Bedryfstandaarde en amptelike registrasies

9. Prosedures voor, tydens en na vangproses

10. Plaasbeplanning

11. Oprigting van vangkrale

12. Netwerk van passiewe wildvangers


1. Overview of the South African game industry

2. Aims of passive game capture

3. Principles of passive game capture

4. Types of capture bomas

5. Problems and challenges with passive game capture

6. Medications and drugs used during capture and holding of animals

7. Technological aids for passive game capture

8. Industry standards and registrations

9. Procedures before, during and after the capture process

10. Game Farm planning

11. Erection of capture bomas

12. Network of farmers using passive game capture system



Kursus:              R6,000-00 +BTW
Verblyf (ekstra):  R   400-00 +BTW pp per dag (x3 = R1,200)

TOTAAL (pp met verblyf):        R7,200-00 +BTW (Alle etes ingesl.)

TOTAAL (pp sonder verblyf):   R6,300-00 +BTW (Met middagete)

(Minimum aantal studente per kursus: 6)

Course:                          R6,000-00 +VAT
Accommodation (extra):   R  400-00 +VAT pp per day (x3 = R1,200)

TOTAL (pp with accommodation):  R7,200-00 +VAT (Meals incl.)

TOTAL (pp without accommodation):  R6,300-00 +VAT (Lunch incl)

(Minimum number of students per course: 6)

DATUMS van beplande kursusse

Jan 24-26, Feb 21-23, Mrt 21-23, Apr 18-21, Mei 23-25, Jun 20-22,

Jul 18-20, Aug 22-24, Sep 19-21, Okt 24-26, Nov 21-23

(hang af van besprekings per kursus - minimum 6)

Course DATES planned

Jan 24-26, Feb 21-23, Mar 21-23,Apr 18-21,May 23-25, Jun 20-22,

Jul 18-20, Aug 22-24, Sep 19-21, Oct 24-26, Nov 21-23

(depending on bookings per course - minimum 6)

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