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OUR MISSION is to concentrate and make available the best knowledge and experience in wildlife management and to guide national and international investment to the enhancement and development of assets, thereby contributing significantly to local and international economies with emphasis on the stakes of the people of Africa

The company EKO WILD was established in 1991 under the name ECOSYSTEMS PROJECTS CC. The current trade name came in use in 2000 as a more accurate description of the nature of our business, namely a wildlife services company.

The service base is fairly broad, dealing with various aspects of wildlife management on game reserves and game ranches, but tasks are shared by all the co-workers of the company, each focusing on his/her specific field of expertise.

The company is based in Thabazimbi, Limpopo Province, South Africa. The area is an up and coming wildlife destination with many thousands of local and overseas guests visiting it annually. With the Thabazimbi Bush veld as backdrop, services are rendered to any reserve, park or lodge anywhere in South Africa.

In the game industry there is not just game sales to speak of.  Many infrastructures are required to run a successful game farm.  With our experience and knowledge, we can provide ALL the necessary tools and products required in the everyday running of your game farm

How to stop Rhino Poaching?
This is my final submission to Parliament. It has to replace my first submission named "Radical Rhino Rescue Plan" because this new document is more concise and is in line with my powerpoint presentation which I gave to the portfolio committee on the 26th January 2012. Thank you for your efforts and carry on the good work.  
Best regards, Wilhelm Schack

Mobile Passive Capture

Advantages of an EKO WILD Capture system:

Dramatically minimises capture costs - once-off capital outlay

Minimises capture stress and injuries to animals

The BOMA can be put up anywhere on a farm, even in mountains and thick bush, to capture most species

The boma and its costs can be shared amongst different owners

Ongoing technical support by our team regarding equipment and game handling

Marketing support of captured animals

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