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Serving the Game Industry since 1991 087 802 1989

In the game industry there is not just game sales to speak of.

Many infrastructures are required to run a successful game farm.

With our experience and knowledge, we can provide ALL the necessary tools and products required

in the everyday running of your game farm

What we can do for you...

We can provide you with habitat analysis, full management plans and even game counts

Ecological Services

We provide the invaluable service of designing, building and installing your capture boma (based on our design principles) according to your needs.

Mobile Passive Capture

We specialize in the sale of rare species, including Buffalo, White Rhino, Sable and much more.

Game Sales


Consultation on breeding of rare and endangered species in various ways, e.g. free range, semi-intensive and intensive breeding of rare and endangered species like rhino, sable, roan antelope, buffalo, etc.

Veterinary Services

Buffalo herd for Sale More photo’s and info..