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Passive Capture Boma

Advantages of an EKO WILD Capture system:

Additional Capture Aids available:

We also manufacture custom-made, game capture curtaining!



It is with great pleasure that we can announce that various banks to whom we have made presentations have shown interest in financing the PASSIVE GAME CAPTURE SYSTEMS built by EKO WILD (PTY) LTD. The systems are seen as capital expenditure items on game farms which are important to safeguard the feasibility and cost effectiveness of your game farming enterprise. SHORT TERM LOANS over 60 months now make the acquisition of our capture systems an even more affordable possibility.  


EKO WILD (PTY) LTD builds mobile and permanent structures of varying sizes according to the specific requirements of various enterprises. For example, the material specifications and designs of capture systems which have to be able to handle buffalo on big farms differ significantly from systems which are capable of handling nyala and impala in small camp systems. The simplest standard model of the EKO WILD MOBILE PASSIVE CAPTURE SYSTEM with one holding pen may for example cost as little as R 2500 per month at an interest rate of 10% over 60 months. With more holding pens, technology like cameras, remote sensing capability and other materials, the cost for mobile systems may run up to R 4000 per month.

PERMANENT CAPTURE SYSTEMS to cater for buffalo, eland and zebra may cost in the region of R 6000 to R 10,000 per month depending on the size of structures, numbers of animals and species to be caught.


1. Need assessment, recommendations and cost calculations by EKO WILD.

2. Documentation of project proposal to the client and issuing of pro forma invoice.

3. You lodge an application with your bank and negotiate the terms and conditions (interest rate and period) of the loan.

4. After approval by your bank, the contract between the bank, yourself and EKO WILD will be drawn up.


You are welcome to contact us for further information or to make an appointment to initiate the acquisition process.

Send your enquiries to or phone me on  0833018119

MOBILE capture boma

PERMANENT capture boma